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Unlike Your Ex, I Will Be That Shoulder To Cry On!

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Business Coaching / Mentoring

Are you overwhelmed with running your business? Need a business advisor who has been there and done that? Want honest business advice from someone who has more than likely dealt with the challenges you face? Don’t know who to trust?

I am called The No BullShit Business Coach for a reason.

Sometimes in business, you need an ear to talk to, don’t worry, I can be that ear. No Judgement EVER!

Unlike other business coaches/mentors, I am available for you 24/7 because I know what it is like to run a business. Running a business is bloody lonely. I know I have run businesses for the past 16 years; I will be that person you can call at 11 pm when you can’t sleep because something is on your mind and you need an answer, direction on the best way forward.

Perhaps you are going thru a merger/acquistion or considering selling but dont know where to start or need someone to clean up your processes/systems? I will guide you and make it easy as possible while maximising your returns. My service will pay for itself.

I will be the force of reason, unlike your mates, your wife, your ex-boyfriend; I have been there and done that.

What you will get is my ear and then my opinion. My opinion is to help you get to sleep, and I will help you put strategies in place to rectify the issue.

There is no problem we can’t solve!

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Making You Accountable!

Running a business is stressful. We get moments in our lives where we can become lazy or unmotivated. Don’t worry I have had that experience as well. However with myself by your side, I will be your personal drill sergeant, except you won’t hate me, you will love my spirit, my ethos and motivating attitude. I will keep you honest but most of all I will keep you accountable.

I am not here to take your money, all I want is results! Why? Because I care, and when you spend 5 minutes with me you will see I am genuine, honest and passionate about what I do. I am not like another business coach out there, I practice what I preach. I know a happy client is a referring client!

So if you getting the blues running your business, I urge you to contact me today as results can’t wait.

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