Welcome to The No BullShit Business Networking Club, the ultimate destination for ambitious business owners seeking genuine connections and tangible growth opportunities.

Say goodbye to ineffective networking events and hello to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their businesses to new heights.
Genuine Networking Connections for Real Results

At The No BullShit Business Networking Club, we understand that authentic connections are the foundation of business success.


Our curated community consists of driven individuals who are eager to exchange valuable insights, build lasting relationships, and seize growth opportunities.


Say goodbye to superficial conversations and embrace meaningful connections that drive tangible results.



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  • Get Personalised One on One Mentorship from Rob, Fueling Your Growth
  • Forge Valuable Connections at Exclusive Monthly Events
  • Unlock Expert Insights on Vital Topics: Digital Marketing, Law, Cybersecurity, HR, Culture, and More!
  • Meet Like-Minded Business Owners
  • Access Rob's Proven Partnerships, Saving You Time and Money
  • Step Inside an Exclusive Community with Our Private Discord Server
  • Access a Vast Library of Video Resources for Expert-Level Knowledge
  • Stay Accountable to Fuel Your Success with My Personal Guidance
  • No Hidden Fees—Transparent Pricing for Your Peace of Mind
  • Enjoy the Flexibility to Cancel Anytime and Take Charge of Your Journey

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He is always giving great advice, and I always wanted honest advice. and Rob’s the man who just gives it. So I recommend The No BullShit Business Coach…”
Laurence Smith

Rob is someone who can support anyone who is looking to take their business to another level as it has been my experience with him….”
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Small Business Coach and Mentor Melbourne
Cut Through the Fluff with No-Nonsense Networking
Unlike other networking clubs that focus on empty promises and wasted time, we take a no-nonsense approach. Our club is dedicated to cutting through the noise and delivering genuine business support. With us, you’ll experience a networking environment that is transparent, results-oriented, and free from fluff and pretense.
Build Meaningful Connections That Drive Growth

Networking is more than just gathering business cards – it’s about building relationships that propel your business forward. As a member of our networking club, you’ll gain exclusive access to a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to supporting each other’s journeys. Engage in knowledge exchange, share experiences, and collaborate on growth opportunities with other driven entrepreneurs who understand the challenges you face.


Harness Expertise from Industry Leaders

At The No BullShit Business Networking Club, we believe in empowering our members with invaluable expertise from industry leaders. Our exclusive events, mastermind sessions, and workshops provide practical knowledge and actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately to drive your business forward. Gain insights from proven experts and leverage their experience to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success.


Achieve Results Through Accountability

We understand the power of accountability in driving business success. That’s why our networking club fosters a culture of support and encouragement. By surrounding yourself with individuals who hold you to your goals, challenge your assumptions, and push you towards greatness, you’ll experience heightened accountability that fuels your results.


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If you’re ready to break free from ineffective networking practices and discover a community that truly understands your ambitions, The No BullShit Business Networking Club is your ideal destination. Say goodbye to wasted time and empty promises, and embrace networking that



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When you become a member, you unlock a world of benefits and privileges. You will wonder how you ever ran your business without it.

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Peter Evans
Peter Evans
16. April, 2023.
Rob has been a great help in assisting us to implement processes and to bounce ideas off. His knowledge of IT and network of contacts have helped us to implement IT solutions to problems to help save us time and improve accuracy. Rob works away at problems in the background and presents solutions, rather than just pointing us in the right direction.
Suze Jones
Suze Jones
31. January, 2023.
Rob knows his way around SEO and Cyber security and he's on call 24/7 and that's important to me running a business without dedicated IT support. Thanks Rob
Naz Gassiep
Naz Gassiep
10. January, 2023.
Rob's been a turbocharger for our business. We're really happy with his hands on approach. None of this "you can do anything" fluffy nonsense. His advice is specific and actionable, and very valuable.
Leah Myers
Leah Myers
20. November, 2022.
I rang Rob at NoBullshit Business Coach while trying to set up my own business. After trawling the internet for someone who could help, I found his title refreshing. Rob was both transparent and professional. He offered to provide me with free initial advice because he wasn't sure he could answer all my questions and was extremely helpful as I navigated the world of small business start ups. Very grateful for his no bullsh*t honesty. Highly recommend.
4. November, 2022.
Robert will help you transform your Potential into a Roadmap to Success. Don’t hesitate just call him now
Lawrence Templar
Lawrence Templar
26. September, 2022.
Rob is definitely someone I would recommend, having an outsider looking in at your business finding small or big problems that you may have not noticed is definitely worth it! The time and effort he puts in with his clients is amazing!
Byron Paulus
Byron Paulus
16. June, 2022.
Rob is an awesome Business Coach , really helped me with my business as a mentor and and assisted me doing SEO in a simplified way that I could actually understand . No false promises like many out there. Highly recommended.
Chris Diprose
Chris Diprose
16. June, 2022.
Rob definitely lives up to the name, telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. His expertise, experience and insight have been invaluable and allowed me to navigate a busy growth period and avoid the many of the common pit falls. He is extremely approachable and understands the challenges modern business owners face while providing workable solutions. Couldn't recommend him enough!!!
3. May, 2022.
Robert is a pragmatic and measured coach who takes the time to properly invest in his students. He has put us on course to make ongoing improvements throughout our business and operations some of which are already paying dividends. He has assisted by providing goals and clarity of business direction and focus. I highly recommend his services! - Andrew - Director - Tucann.
Detail Autowerke
Detail Autowerke
24. March, 2022.
Rob knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to business. When I met Rob for the first time, you could tell he was a people person right away. He is patient, honest, friendly and clear with how he explains things. 2 hours with Rob felt like 20 minutes because it was so enjoyable. Can’t wait for my next session!

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Quite simply as a business owner, I was sick of the typical business networking clubs where members exchange business cards and then make you feel like you had to do business with them. The club was designed around what I would have liked when I was running my IT Managed Services businesses. 

Meet like minded business owners, learn from someone who has been there and done that and not just read a book or attended a TAFE course on how to be a business coach and all for an affordable price.

Welcome to The No BS Business Owners and Networking Club.

The No BS Club is designed for business owners that want someone to keep them accountable but dont necessarily need a full time business coach

We understand that you joined the club to receive support and get expert advice from Rob directly. We have implemented a system that allows you to book time directly with Rob directly, of course anything that is urgent you can email him and those that know him well, know that you get a response very quickly.

The monthly networking events are held at various locations throughout Melbourne and at various times (all club members get to vote time, date and location and naturally the most votes win). The networking events are designed to not only meet fellow business owners but are also designed to be an escape from running a business.

Each month a group strategy session is held (usually by Zoom/Teams but sometimes in person), within these sessions we provide strategice advice on a variety of topics. Some examples are, Search Engine Optimisation, Digial Marketing, CyberSecurity, Legal, HR etc

NO! You can cancel at anytime

Yes! We are providing a Money Back Guarantee. 

If you're not happy with the club and all the benefits & believe it won't help you grow your business and/or drive efficiency then we don't want your money!

Absolutely, we want you to be 100% happy, if not for whatever reason please email [email protected] or login to your member account and cancel from within there.

Absolutely, the success of the club comes down to the members that are involved, if you feel you know someone who can benefit from being part of the club and can add value then please refer them, and you even get a 20% discount of your fees for doing so.

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