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Unlike most other business coaches, I like face to face meetings even if it means I have to fly myself to visit you

There are many choices when it comes to business coaches! I know, when I was running my IT business I seeked to engage one. However their are business coaches and then there are business coaches. What do I mean?

More and more business coaches think it is acceptable to have a Zoom meeting and call it a day! I don’t, when you choose The No BullShit Business Coach you can expect me on site face-face every fortnight. I want to see how your business runs, it is only when I am given this opportunity I can see what is or isnt working. I dont believe in consuming your time, I know what it is like. Our meetings will be short and sharp. A business coach cannot be a distraction to your business.

Many business coaches out their have just done a course on How to be a business coach! This is useless! You wouldnt trust a dentist who has not touched teeth, so why trust a business coach who hasnt ran a business. Not only should they have ran a business, but did they sell the business and if so what terms did they get when they sent.

When I sold ITtelligent, I hit the holy grail! So what is the holy grail you may ask? Well this is the terms I got!

  • Full cash offer
  • Valuation 1:1 Revenue
  • No earnouts ie when transaction settled, I got the cash deposited in my bank account in full
  • No warranties ie the business didnt have to reach targets for me to get paid, once I received the cash the performance of the business was not upto me
  • Didn’t have to work in the business anymore
  • In most business sales you typically wouldnt get all the above, but I did! So if you are considering selling your business let me show you how this is possible.

    What You Get When Rob Is Your Business Coach

    Furthermore when you engage my services I will help you with many facets of your business.

  • Assist you in driving INBOUND sales
  • Ensure IT systems are setup efficiently and you are not overspending on licensing
  • Increase IT security posture
  • Provide honest feedback on how you can do more with less
  • Shoulder to cry on, when things just simply get tough
  • Fortnightly face to face meetings, no hiding behind ZOOM
  • I will provide energy and motivate you and your team
  • I am authentic and if I don’t think I can add value to you or your business I will let you know.

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    Business coaching/mentoring with a real difference.

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    Starting a business is tough but I will show you and guide you how to grow a business without the need of fluffy marketing materials, cold-calling. I will make it so clients are desperate to call you and not the other way around.

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