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Why Choose Rob As Your Business Coach?

Fall in love with your business again

Unlike most other business coaches, I like face to face meetings even if it means I have to fly myself to visit you

There are many choices when it comes to business coaches! I know, when I was running my IT business I seeked to engage one. However their are business coaches and then there are business coaches. What do I mean?

More and more business coaches think it is acceptable to have a Zoom meeting and call it a day! I don’t, when you choose The No BullShit Business Coach you can expect me on site face-face every fortnight. I want to see how your business runs, it is only when I am given this opportunity I can see what is or isnt working. I dont believe in consuming your time, I know what it is like. Our meetings will be short and sharp. A business coach cannot be a distraction to your business.

Many business coaches out their have just done a course on How to be a business coach! This is useless! You wouldnt trust a dentist who has not touched teeth, so why trust a business coach who hasnt ran a business. Not only should they have ran a business, but did they sell the business and if so what terms did they get when they sent.

When I sold ITtelligent, I hit the holy grail! So what is the holy grail you may ask? Well this is the terms I got!

  • Full cash offer
  • Valuation 1:1 Revenue
  • No earnouts ie when transaction settled, I got the cash deposited in my bank account in full
  • No warranties ie the business didnt have to reach targets for me to get paid, once I received the cash the performance of the business was not upto me
  • Didn’t have to work in the business anymore

In most business sales you typically wouldnt get all the above, but I did! So if you are considering selling your business let me show you how this is possible.

No Bullshit Business Coach Difference Matrix

What You Get When Rob Is Your Business Coach

Furthermore when you engage my services I will help you with many facets of your business.

  • Assist you in driving INBOUND sales
  • Ensure IT systems are setup efficiently and you are not overspending on licensing
  • Increase IT security posture
  • Provide honest feedback on how you can do more with less
  • Shoulder to cry on, when things just simply get tough
  • Fortnightly face to face meetings, no hiding behind ZOOM
  • I will provide energy and motivate you and your team

I am authentic and if I don’t think I can add value to you or your business I will let you know.

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Business coaching/mentoring with a real difference.

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A Business Coach That Cares

Starting a business is tough but I will show you and guide you how to grow a business without the need of fluffy marketing materials, cold-calling. I will make it so clients are desperate to call you and not the other way around.

Why The No BullShit Coach?
  • Art of Sales
  • Building A Great Team & Culture
  • Flexible Agreements
  • Independent Advice
  • K.I.S.S
  • Learn From My Journey
  • Only a Phone Call Away
  • Why You Need To Automate
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