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Nobody Ever Said It Would Be Easy

Small Business Coach Melbourne
Yes That's Mine (Mclaren 600LT).

Work Hard Play Harder

For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Robert (Rob), and business is my life. I’ve successfully owned four businesses so far with two of them now sold, and I have no plans of slowing down any time soon.


Through my 27+ years working in IT, 15+ years working in digital marketing and e-commerce, I have seen it all.


From mates hiring mates as a cheap business avenue to dodgy dealings and confuddled business plans, there is no expense of ways that businesses can bring on their own demise. But, for every poor business decision and strategy, I have also seen how the right choices can bring on immeasurable success.


I’ve helped bring businesses out of the dumps with a few savvy choices, and I’m not shy of being tough when people and companies need to be put in their place. I’m rough, brash and bold when it’s needed. But I’m also kind, caring and respectful to those that I work with. Where I envision a successful result, I will always ask you to chase your ideas, and I never shy away from a challenge unless the end seems fruitless.


This attitude has allowed me to drive success in everything I do, and I will continue to carry it with me through every business owner I work with.


Perhaps you have used other business coaches or attended other business community groups such as BNI Networking events? Regardless I invite you to see why I am different.

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Current and Previous Businesses



GetSocked is an eCommerce business selling socks on a monthly sock subscription. The socks are made out of bamboo which is super comfortable and absorbs moisture with over 1000+ reviews all for only $9.87 per month including shipping.

Rob still runs this business (well the business runs itself for the most part).


2006 - 2021


ITtelligent is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that provided outsourced IT Support for Small Businesses nationally and internationally.

With revenue of $5+ million, over 24+ staff and 160+ clients ITtelligent was one of the fastest IT companies in Australia 2 years running while also winning the Australian Achiever Awards for customer service.

ITtelligent was Rob’s “Baby” he successfully negotiated a deal that allowed him to exit the business without earnout which is unheard off in the industry.

ITtelligent Consulting Services

2006 - 2014


TopRankings was Australia’s #1 Search Engine Optimisation Agency. TopRankings strictly specialised in SEO only and was proud to only represent one client from each sector, afterall you cant have 2 clients #1 in search engines.


2022 - Present

Mistress Car Covers

Dust & Scratch proof car covers for all car shapes and sizes. Made from durable, breathable spandex their is simply no better option to protect your pride & joy 🚗.

Mistress Car Covers

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Stop The

Business coaching/mentoring with a real difference.

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Honest Practical Advice

Their are many business coaches out their, but I can pretty much guarantee their is none like me! You will either love me or hate me, there is no in betweens. Having 25+ years experience in IT and Digitial Marketing I offer far more than what other business coaches can offer. Dont believe me? Lets have a chat and if by the end of the chat you havent learnt something you already know then dont sign up. Their is no pressure I want you to see the value if we decide to work together.


Together we will go thru your website and I will show you what you need to do to ensure greatest online visibility. I believe in showing you rather than doing it! Sure if you want me to do it I will do it for you at cost, however it is far more benefical for you if you do it. What you will learn is nothing is hard, everything is quite easy. I want you to learn. We will audit the site and ensure it is as close to 100% as possible. Once this is done we will sit down and work out the areas you need help on, I will provide you honest feedback and solutions to fix them.


You wont get some fancy report that you will never read what you will get is a good understanding of what you need to do or organise to do to resolve your issues. I will open up and you will hear about my experiences and will introduce you to services you may need and tell you companies/solutions to stay away off.


On our journey we will laugh, we will cry but we will be a team and you will be stronger, wiser and better for it! I challenge you.

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Starting A Business Was Never Meant To Be Easy

Starting a business is tough but I will show you and guide you how to grow a business without the need of fluffy marketing materials, cold-calling. I will make it so clients are desperate to call you and not the other way around.

Why The No BullShit Coach?
  • Art of Sales
  • Building A Great Team & Culture
  • Flexible Agreements
  • Independent Advice
  • K.I.S.S
  • Learn From My Journey
  • Only a Phone Call Away
  • Why You Need To Automate
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